we are charlotte and anne. when our friendship started we were 2 years old an we lived 2 minutes apart. we were even closer when shared the same dirty backpacker bunkbeds for half a year, about twenty years later. when we were students (and again. lived 2 minutes apart from each other) we used to cook together – that’s how ineke’s cooking club (‘ineke’s kook club’ in our native dutch) was born. everything from scratch, that was the rule.

now we live in different continents. we’re not even in europe anymore. but we still love to cook. and the next best thing to a ‘live’ ineke’s cooking club, is sharing our recipes here. some are elaborate, some are very simple. some are in dutch, some in english. some recipes reflect the cuisine of our new homes, and some reflect longings to the netherlands or europe. but they’re always home made, with love.

we hope you enjoy what you find here. let us know what you think!

– charlotte (in curaçao) and anne (in the u s of a)

…and what about this Cooking Club?

ineke is where (or actually, with whom it all started). she is char’s mom. and she is one of the best cooks around. we spent our childhood playing in her kitchen… later that turned into drinking wine in her kitchen – bottles of wine. all the while ineke cooked. there’s no place like home, and the heart of a home is the kitchen. that’s what ineke’s small kitchen, some place in the east of the netherlands, breaths. the most delicious dinners, from simple meals to boeuf bourguinon to eloborate christmas dishes, were (and still are!) prepared in her kitchen. and after dessert, we often returned to the cosyness of the kitchen, drinking, talking, laughing, crying. lots has been shared around ineke’s stove – and now that we live oceans away, we often think of that kitchen – the people in in and the food prepared there – with nostalgic feelings about home.

around 2003, when we started cooking together when we were students (dedicating whole evenings and nights just to prepare and eat food) it was obvious that our little club had to be named after our biggest inspiration: ineke. and that is how ineke’s cooking club was established. not only is her food among the finest; without knowing it she taught us that the preparation as well as the consumption of food is an experience. cook with a glass of wine in your hand and a friend nearby, munching on some good cheese. stretch dinners and do serve an extra course, or do open that extra bottle. food is an experience!

ever since we’ve started ICC, we have cooked together: sometimes more frequent then others. now, almost ten years later, we still love to cook. and we’re excited to now share our experiences here!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. We are standing in THE kitchen. And we were thinking About these Nice evenings and then mom said That you an wrote this blog. I never knew it al started in Curaçao. We just red this Nice story and Ineke is very honered, let’s hope we Will be here together soon!

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